The North Coast Ukulele Collective is open to everyone, all levels of musicians, and is a strictly NON-membership based group (i.e. cruisy, relaxed, and most importantly FREE). Come join our jams and bring your spirit of stoke and Aloha. All are welcome!
Just come to the event and you're in!
No musical experience is required, if you're stoked then you're our kind of person so just show up... preferably with a ukulele (we do have library ukulelies available for the night, but numbers are limited).

The Uke

The ukulele is the most accessible, easy to learn, and FUN musical instrument you can find. Some call the ukulele the "gateway" instrument as it leads to more serious musical experimentation. It is very portable and easy to play anywhere, and people of all ages and skill levels love it.
You'll see, as soon as you pull out your ukulele people will start smiling before you even play (come hang out with us and we'll make sure they're smiling while you're playing too!).


Venue (at the moment we DON'T have one)

The North Coast Ukulele Collective used to meet at the beautiful Byron Bay Bowling Club on the LAST WEDNESDAY of every month to sing, laugh, and share the Aloha spirit into the night.
Friends, food, and drink then started at 6:00 while the music started at 7:00 sharp and evrybody was encouraged to support the generous people here who donate their wonderful venue for free to us every month! Now we are looking for a similar arrangement with another venue. If you know who can host us please let us know using the contact form.